Prior to departure you will receive a link to a pre-departure form to complete. You will need the following details to complete the form.

To complete this form you will need the following:

  1. Flight details
  2. Host institution details
  3. Emergency contact details
  4. Clear photos of the receipts for what the bursary money went towards - flights, visas etc. (if you received a bursary)

You will also need to have completed the following tasks:

  1. Obtained a visa (if required)
  2. Obtained immunisations & medications (if required)
  3. Arranged access to sufficient funding
  4. Notified your bank you are travelling internationally
  5. Booked flights and arrange travel insurance
  6. Arranged accommodation
  7. Arranged transport from airport to accommodation
  8. Organised some local currency for your first few days
  9. Informed your host institution of your arrival information
  10. Made yourself aware of local laws and customs
  11. Left a copy of your travel details with a family member

If you would like to contribute to the GEMx Elective Blog Post whilst you are on your elective, or afterwards please email

Also.....Just a reminder!

The following tasks will need to be completed within four weeks of returning from your elective

  1. Create a PowerPoint Presentation (template will be provided). It will include highlights and learnings from your elective.
  2. You need to present this to your peers. Photo evidence will be required. Details on how to upload these will be provided.
  3. Complete the Post-Elective Survey. Link will be provided to you.