Post Elective


We hope you gained a lot from your time abroad.

Things to complete

  • Presentation
  • Post-Elective Survey
  • GEMx Blog Post


Whilst your elective is fresh in your mind we would love for you to make note of some of the great things you learnt and experienced. To do this we have created a PowerPoint template for you to gather this great information. We would then like you to share your experience with your peers by presenting your presentation to them.

I'm sure they would LOVE to hear all about it!

The PointPoint template will be emailed to, along with directions on how to upload the PowerPoint and pictures of you presenting it.

Post Elective Survey

You will also need to complete the Post Elective Survey which will be emailed to you.

GEMx Blog Post

You will receive worldwide exposure about your experience when you write a GEMx blog. Your blog will serve as a digital footprint that will expose your unique qualities that may help you to advance in your education and professional career. For more information and guidance on how to write an acceptable GEMx blog post for publication, please contact Mrs. Elise Moore at

Please note: If you don't complete the presentation and Post Elective Survey within four weeks of returning, your institution will not receive bursary money in the future.