Questions & Answers

How long does the elective have to be for?

You are required to complete 4 weeks minimum in one location.

When will I receive my travel bursary?

If you have been selected for a bursary and have a confirmed placement, you will be emailed a Bursary Application Form which for you to complete. You will need your bank account details

Once the form has been submitted it can take up to 10 business days to receive the financial grant into your account.

If you are not sure if you have been selected for a bursary please contact your SEARAME Exchange Program Manager.​

If you have any questions or concerns with your bursary payment please email Mrs Elise Moore,

Can I apply for a SEARAME elective if I haven't been selected for a bursary?

Yes, of course you can if you have your institution's permission.

You will follow the same application process as all students.

Can I do a discipline not listed on the Institution's profile page?

There is a chance you could do a discipline which is not mentioned in the system. To enquire if your desired discipline is an option, you will need to contact the institution directly to ask them, before applying through the GEMx system.

Can I do a SEARAME elective in an institution not on the system?

Only institutions that are mentioned on the system are part of the SEARAME exchange, so the answer would be no.

However, if there is another institution, base in South-East Asia, that would like to be part of the SEARAME Exchange please notify us and we may be able to get them involved.

What process do institutions use to approve students for a placement?

Each institution will have their own system, but typically this is what happens:

1) They first check to see if you have all the required documents

2) It will then depend on if there is availability for your preferred discipline/s and date/s.

Please note: Most disciplines accept more than one student at a time.

After applying for an elective how long does it take to receive an outcome?

Once the institution has looked at your application they will mark your status as 'Pending'. This mean that they are contacting the relevant teaching clinician to see if there is availability. They will then get back you once the clinician provides an answer. You can expect this process takes about 2-4 weeks. If you are experiencing difficulty with this please contact Mrs Elise Moore,