About Us

SEARAME is a group interested in the promotion of Medical Education in the S-E Asia Region of the WHO.


The parent Organization of SEARAME is the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).

WFME has six Member Associations – each corresponding to the WHO’s six regions that cover the World namelyAMEE for European region, AMEEMR for Eastern Mediterranean region, AMEWPR for West Pacific region, AMSAfor African region, PAFAMS for the North and South American region and SEARAME for the South-East Asia Region.

The SEARAME’s Executive Committee has representatives of the member country’ s National Associations and they steer the Organisation to help it achieve its Goals and Objectives

You can access the SEARAME Constitution at the following link: Constitution and by Law_revised_Feb 2015

SEARAME ExCo members 2015-17 who guide and represent member countries of the SEARAME