Join us for the

6th SEARAME Conference

16-17 October 2020

Dhaka, Bangladesh

THEME: Harnessing Quality in Health Professionals Education (HPE) for Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

VENUE: Sena Convention Hall (Gourab), SKS Tower (9th Floor), (near RAOWA Club), Mohakhali

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(South East Asia Regional Association for Medical Education)

SEARAME is World Federation for Medical Education’s Regional Association for South East Asia region.

SEARAME is a regional non government organization interested in enhancing the quality of Medical Education by promoting the highest Standards in Medical Education among the member countries of the South-East Asia Region of the World Health Organization (WHO) with which it is in strategic partnership to achieve the above mentioned purpose.

The parent Organization of SEARAME is the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) with the mission of quality improvement in Medical Education met through the development of standards in medical education, by the promotion of accreditation of medical schools, with the development of databases on medical education, through projects on the future of medicine and medical education, and through other publications and partnerships.

WFME has six Member Associations – each corresponding to the WHO’s six regions that cover the World namely AMEE for European region, AMEEMR for Eastern Mediterranean region, AMEWPR for West Pacific region, AMSA for African region, PAFAMS for the North and South American region and SEARAME for the South-East Asia Region.


First SEARAME Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia (2010)
Second SEARAME Conference in Coimbatore, India (5-8 September 2012)
Third SEARAME Conference in Colombo, SriLanka (2014)
The fourth SEARAME Conference in Myanmar (16-18 November 2016)
The fifth SEARAME Conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (5-8 May 2018)


      1. Bangladesh: National Conference of AME Bangladesh on November 27-28 2015 Theme: Universal health Coverage (UHC) and need for a transformative scaling up of Health Professions Education (HPE)
      2. India: The eighth National Conference (NCHPE 2016 ) was held at Karamsad, Gujarat on November 23-26 , 2016 and the ninth one NCHPE 2017 will be held at Jorhat Medical College, Jorhat , Assam from November 9-11, 2017.
      3. Thailand: First ASEAN Medical Education Conference: “MEDICAL EDUCATION: PAST, PRESENT & FUTUREfrom 16-20th May 2017 celebrating the Chulolongkorn University Centennial in conjunction with 18th Thai Medical Conference and 5th Asia-Pacific Medical Education Network (APMENet) meeting at Bangkok ,Thailand. For more details, clickhere
      4. Nepal: National Conference of Health Professions Educators of Nepal will be held in November 2017 in conjunction with the ExCo Meeting of the SEARAME at Kathmandu Nepal.

Promoting & supporting Quality in Medical Education through National Associations:

  • Bangladesh: Association for Medical Education (AME) Bangladesh
  • Myanmar: Medical Education Sub-Committee under Myanmar Academy of Medical Science (MAMS)
  • Nepal: Association of Health Professions Educationist of Nepal ( AHPEN )
  • India: Academy of Health Professions Education (AHPE)
  • Indonesia: Indonesian Association for Study of Health Professions Education (IASHE / AIDIPROKESI)
  • Sri Lanka: Forum of Sri Lankan Medical Educationists (FOSME)
  • Thailand: Consortium of Thai Medical Schools (COTMES) Thailand


Strategic Partnership with WHO and National Health Systems / Accreditation bodies through networking for advocacy and capacity building of trainers to ensure trained Human Resources for Health for facilitating speedy attainment of Universal Health coverage in the S-E Asia region